Jax Gem Lab
2925 Corinthian Ave. Jacksonville, FL 32210

Phone:(904) 384-9114
Contact: Kim Scott 


  • WHILE YOU WAIT SERVICE: You never have to leave your jewelry. An appointment is required for while you wait services.
  • DROP OFF SERVICE: No appointment is necessary. We will schedule to return the items in a timely fashion. You will receive a complete itemized list of the items you leave. For your confidence and piece of mind your items will be secured and locked in a safe with 24 hr. security.
  • MAINTAIN DOCUMENTATION: In addition to your formal appraisal we maintain all information in our database for up to ten years. This will be helpful should you loose your information, need an update.
  • YOUR APPRAISAL PAPERS: We will produce one original report and supply you with a full set of copies. The report takes approximately one week to complete from the day we finish retrieving the information for the appraisal.

When you bring your items of jewelry to our lab, we will perform the following procedures:

  • Mounted stones: are measured and an estimated weight is given. They are not removed from the mounting.
  • Loose stones are weighed.
  • Diamonds: grade stones for color, clarity and cutting. Stones that are 0.50 or more we plot inclusions in order to re-identify in future (finger-printing).
  • Colored stones: Color description, estimated weight. On larger stones we do a Gem Identification to determine the physical properties of the stone and whether it is natural or synthetic and if treated when possible.
  • Acid testing on mountings to determine fineness of gold or platinum only when needed or if the marking are questionable.
  • Determine value (retail replacement, wholesale, liquidation, estate, tax purposes, etc.)
  • Color digital photographs for identification
  • Explain anything pertaining to the item that a client might not understand.

When grading your jewelry, we make use of the following equipment:

  • Binocular Microscope (10x-105x)
  • http://www.jaxgemlab.com/images/servic1.gif10x Loupe
  • Leveridge Gauge
  • Refractometer 
  • Non destructive Acid test for gold finess 
  • Polariscope 
  • Ultra-Violet lamps to test for fluorescence 
  • Electronic carat scale 
  • Fiber-Optic Light 
  • GIA gem set for color stone analysis.
  • GIA master diamonds and Austron machine for grading color of diamonds.
  • Table Gauge
  • Digital camera
  • Digital calipers 
  • Electronic gram/dwt/oz scale
  • other equipment is available through off sight network


Privacy Policy: All information gathered by Jacksonville Gemological Laboratory about our clients is held in the strictest confidence. All contact information is for internal use only and will not be sold, given or shared with anyone for any reason except at your specific request. Access to your appraisal without your written consent or by court order is not possible by anyone other than you. 


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